Side chair made of African black limba with wedge accents. These chairs can be made of different kinds of wood. (2017)

Seat detail of black limba side chair.

Head board of black limba side chair.

Three quarter view of side chair

See view of chair showing Maloof style joints which are the strongest chair joint.

New office chair made from African black limba with wenge accents. (2017)

Office chair back of chairs showing base.

Office chair seat and arm details.

Details of office chair headboard and book matched back slats

Side chair made of highly figured Hawaiian mango wood with wenge accents. Chair has 7 laminated back slats.

Seat details of mango chair

Details of headboard and book matched back slats on mango chair.

Three quarter view of mango side chair.

Details of Maloof style front leg seat joint and beautiful woodgrain in this mango chair.

Detail showing back leg joint and figured wood grain

Arizona petrified wood side table with mesquite legs. This table was one of a book matched pair. I have other petrified wood slabs to make into tables.

Carob wood waterfall table.

Carob wood waterfall table.

Prima vera wood from Mexico with wedge accents.

Prima vera rocker headboard with wenge accents.

Seat and arm detail of prima vera rocker with wenge accents.

Headboard of walnut rocker with yellow heart accents.

Walnut rocker.

Arizona petrified wood end table with mesquite legs.

Mesquite base and legs for petrified wood end table.

These new chairs were made in 2018-2019.  The new office chair sets on a traditional swivel base and can be made in numerous different kinds of wood.  It features Malood joints, sculpted seat, and 7 laminated back slats for great support and comfort. The side chairs are based on my regular arm chairs and all chairs have Maloof joints and book matched laminated back slats with a sculpted seat for both beauty and comfort. People who sit I'm my chairs always always comment on how comfortable they are and it feels like the chair was custom designed for their body.

 I have several slabs of petrified wood for small tables and can get larger slabs if you are looking for a larger table.  The base/legs are made of mesquite but other kinds of wood can also be used. I have a couple of very nice book matched petrified wood slabs. I have lots of beautiful hardwood slabs and lumber for making natural edged tables or more contemporary designs.