Chair and Table From Jackson Hole Show

Mesquite rocker and table at the Western Design Conference.

Mesquite rocker with yellow heart accents and turquoise inlay

Head board of mesquite rocker

Seat of mesquite rocker

Mesquite table with turquoise inlay

Details or table leg showing sap wood with turquoise.

Details of rear leg showing yellow hear accents,

Front leg joint

Seat bottom.

Back of head board details.

This mesquite chair and table were on exhibit at the Western Design Conference in Jacksone Hole, Wyoming on September 6, 7, 8 2013.  The chair was sold and the table is still available.  I need to make another mesquite chair now that 2 of them have been sold.  Accents are yellow heart and turquoise inlay is used to fill in the natural cracks and insect holes found in mesquite.