Mesquite rocker and table with turquoise inlay and yellow heart accents.

Mesquite headboard showing turquoise inlay.

Laminated mesquite back slats with book matched knots.

Mesquite side table with turquoise inlay.

Seat and arms close up of Mesquite rocker.

Back leg joint and Yellow Heart accents in laminations of Mesquite rocker.

African Mahogany rocker with Wenge accents just completed in Nov. 2014.

Headboard details of African Mahogany rovker.

Seat and arms details of African Mahogany rocker.

African Mahogany chair back leg joint plus showing Wenge accents in laminated runners and backslats.

Canary Wood Rocker with Wenge accents

Canary wood rocker seat detail

Canary wood rocker showing head board and book matched grain in back slats details

Italian olive wood table

Italina olive wood table

Hawaiian mango table

Hawaiian mango table

Carob wood rocker with wenge accents. Sapwood incorporated into the design.

Carob wood rocker

Carob wood rocker

HERE IS SOME MORE OF MY WORK FROM 2014 and 2017.  Most of these have been sold or my wife has taken them of the market. These photos gives you idea of the quality of my work and that no 2 rockers are ever exactly alike.  Call or email if you are interested in buying a chair or commissioning a special piece.