This is a close up of highly figured maple from the Pacific North West. This is expensive because of it is rare.

Same board as in prvious photo showing more of what the full board is like.

Another quilted maple board showing detail but not a great photo.

Close up of carob wood

Larger view of carob wood. This wood is hard to obtain.

Mango slab. This slab will have a lot of tiger stripe grain when finished and some chocolate heart. The other side has 2 knots that would look great and maybe the better side for the top of a table.

Closer view of mango slab giving a little better view of the grain and figure. I have slabs of mesquite, walnut, hickory, and several other kinds of wood.

Nice pice of koa showing different colors and grain patterns.

Koa with a nice knot that could be used in a headboard or seat.

Bocate is from Southern Mexico. The grain patterns of dark and light are very intricate and look fabulous when finished.

Close up of bocate showing the intricate dark and light paterns in the grain around a knot. Imagine this in an arm, seat, or headboard.

Petrified wood slab from Arizona is 220 million years old. I have 2 of these slabs which can be combined with nice wood bases to make wonderful tables.

This petrified wood slab from China is one of two I have and they would make great tops for end tables.

Mesquite natural edge slab. Imagine this unique crazy grained slab with birds eye figure as a table top or art piece with turquoise inlay.

Close up of mesquite slab showing grain detail and birds eye.

These photos of different kinds of wood may give you a better idea of what kind of wood you would want for your project.  Remember that even in the same species the color, grain pattern, and many other factors can vary a great deal.